Wi-Fi on planes: Love it or hate it? Vote now

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More and more airlines are adding Wi-Fi to planes, so—for a fee, of course—you can now pass the time on board by surfing the web with a laptop or personal device. Is this a good idea, or the most annoying thing since the restrictions on liquids at TSA checkpoints?

What's potentially bad about Wi-Fi on planes? Porn, for one thing. Shortly after American Airlines began offering Wi-Fi on some planes, flight attendants lobbied the carrier to put filters in place that block racy content. If airlines are controlling which websites passengers can access, that brings up whole other concerns about censorship. Passengers and airlines alike are worried about people yapping away while flying using Skype, the VoIP service that allows users to make phone calls via the Internet. For that matter, there are many other reasons why people find on-board Wi-Fi annoying and wish that flying could be more of an "unplugged" experience. At the very least, with no Wi-Fi you'd have an excuse why you couldn't be working for a few hours.

Vote pro or con now. Tell us of any experiences you've had using (or just being subjected to) Wi-Fi on board planes, and why you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between.

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