Will Baggage Claim Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

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Would you pay extra to avoid the dreaded baggage claim?

With American Airlines' newest venture, you can opt out of one airport annoyance: seemingly endless waits at baggage claim. AA's new Baggage Delivery Service, which debuted yesterday at 200 domestic airports (along with a handful of international ones), allows passengers to skip baggage claim altogether and have their bags delivered to their door for an additional fee. Travelers register through the airline's website, anytime from initial booking up to two hour prior to the flight's departure.

Such convenience, of course, comes with a price. For destinations within 40 miles of the arrival airport, the delivery of a single bag will cost you $29.95. For two bags, the service runs $39.95, and for a cargo of three to ten bags, a cool $49.95 (which could work out to something of a bargain for, say, a large family with a couple of bags per person in tow). Estimated delivery times range from one to four hours. And if home is further than 40 miles afield? Add a dollar for every mile (with 100 miles as the maximum delivery span offered currently), and budget four to six hours. A liability policy is included with the delivery at no additional charge, insuring travelers for up to $500 per lost or damaged bag, or $1,000 per passenger.

With airfares at an all–time high, many travelers will understandably balk at any inessential fees. AA's baggage delivery initiative, however—a potential trendsetter, according to USA Today—could provide welcome relief for business travelers on tight schedules, travelers with complicated commutes or limited trunk space, and even the weary passenger eager to get home sweet home as soon as possible.

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