Will You be Flying or Driving This Summer?

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A couple months agowe theorized that no one would be taking road trips this summer due to high gas prices. Turns out, we might have been wrong.

According to the Royal Bank of Canada, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, their U.S consumers are feeling better about the economy—and they want to travel. Thanks in part to a recent dip in gas prices, 67 percent of the respondents said they were planning on driving to their summer vacation spot—up 8 percent over 2010—while 34 percent plan to fly domestically (up from 26 percent in 2010). The amount of respondents planning to travel internationally was up 5 percent over 2010 for a total of 17 percent. (Chances are, those people wouldn't be driving anyway.) The price of travel is still a main concern though, with almost half of the respondents admitting to an overall scaling back on vacation plans.

I'm still figuring out my summer travel plans, but a flight to New Orleans for a girls' getaway has already been booked. Chances are I'll be flying (hopefully internationally) for another trip. So I'm part of the 34 percent and the 17 percent. But what about you: fly…or drive?


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