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Win a FREE European Vacation from Contiki

By The Budget Travel Editors
updated February 21, 2017
Contiki #BagTagContest Blog Image 1

Ready to explore Italy? Or Spain? Or maybe take a grand tour that takes you through several European capitals?

Of course you are! So we’re psyched to share a contest that could make it happen: Contiki, the travel company for 18-to-35-year-olds, is offering a chance for travelers in that age range to win a FREE European vacation via its #BagTagContest.

Visit Contiki.com/bagtag by April 27 to enter: You’ll watch up to six fun videos that each show the contents of a travel bag packed for a Contiki European vacation. Correctly guess which vacation a particular bag is packed for (that’s where the “bag tag” name comes from), and you’ll be entered for a chance to win that trip. Contiki will be announcing hints and clues on their site. One lucky winner will receive a free trip and more, and win or lose you'll likely be inspired to explore each and every trip on the list.

To learn more about affordable vacations for travelers ages 18 to 35 in Europe and beyond (Contiki offers more than 270 of them), follow @BudgetTravel and @Contiki on Twitter and  join our #BT_Chat next Monday, April 11, at 1pm EDT, co-sponsored by Contiki.

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