World's scariest airport landings

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If you think touching down at Boston's Logan Airport on a windy day is a harrowing experience, be glad you’re not trying to land at one of the airports on the list of the most dangerous aircraft landings in the world, as compiled by the blog ProTraveller

Kai Tak airport tops the list as having required the scariest landings for a major airport in modern history. It is now closed, but was once Hong Kong's main international gateway. You can see why the airport received the bad press—this YouTube video shows planes passing mere feet from nearby buildings and roadways and then swerving and skidding down the runway.

Other airports that made the list include Funchal Airport in Madeira, Portugal; Gustaf III Airport on St. Barts; and Wellington International Airport in New Zealand. ProTraveller’s article features videos or pictures from all 10 frightening descents.

—Liz Webber

CORRECTION: This post has been been modified. Due to an editor's error, the original post said that Kai Tak airport is still open. It is not.

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