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At Budget Travel, our goal is to write clearly and specifically about the places we go and the people we meet along the way. It's a fun challenge, but a challenge all the same.

We're proud of our work overall. But sometimes, we hear ourselves use language that is dull, vague, or hackneyed. (Heck, nobody's perfect.)

This morning, we thought about some examples of poor writing that have made us groan the most. And then…we decided to put them all together! We hope you'll laugh along with us as you read this clunker. And we hope you'll keep us honest if you ever see stuff like this in the future.

Mad About Molvania!!!

Lutenblag is nestled in the Great Central Valley. This bustling capital of the central European country of Molvania mixes the ancient with the modern. It also boasts many charming eateries. Wash down your tasty fish soup with a brew that's popular with the locals: Blag. After all, this town is a mecca for microbrews.

Stay the night at Hotel Zlad, a hip boutique property (think: Ian Schrager). On the upper floors, you'll find guest rooms featuring modern furniture. From your window, you'll see jaw-dropping views of the OooLaLa Mountains.

Be sure to stop by the hip lounge—situated in the lobby. Club Zlad, as it is called, feels like a lush oasis nestled in this lively metropolis. It offers cozy, comfy couches. The walls sport camel hair.

If you can manage to leave the hotel, stroll through some of the nearby hills. You'll find Sprufkil's Gourmet Hot Dogs, a quaint outpost that is set on a hillside overlooking a breathtaking panorama of sea and sand.

Walk further along the cobblestone road past verdant fields, and you'll find Yuppie's Coffee Shop, an airy, handsome shack tucked into a small forest. Inside, a minimalist aesthetic dominates (think: Ikea's cafeterias). Here, classic details mix with contemporary amenities.

At the end of the day, you'll find Lutenblag can be a home away from home for you if you're a traveler who's weary of the tried and true.

Feel free to add your own pet peeves about travel writing by posting a comment below.


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