Worth reading: Airlines & luggage, Bigfoot, and more

Courtesy gmaso/myBudgetTravel

Airlines least likely to lose luggage. The low-cost providers lead the pack. [forbes.com]

Five ways passengers are getting even with cruise lines. The best way to thwart fees? Just say no. [cnn.com/travel]

In Denmark, the police give out bike helmets and hugs. As this video shows, Denmark loves its bikers who wear helmets. Really loves 'em. [treehugger.com]

See the financial crisis on this unusual Wall Street tour. A new 90-minute tour led by a one-time insider details the shadow banking system and other mishaps on the Street. [Gadling]

Five Places: Walk in the shoes of Bigfoot. The Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, Calif., and four other places you could spot the Sasquatch (or just a nice souvenir stand). [Sfgate.com]

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