Worth reading: The Smithsonian's star turn and more

Courtesy Allie_Caulfield/Flickr
The Smithsonian American Art Museum

These are some of the interesting items we found around the Web this week.

The Smithsonian Institution is banking on a summer blockbuster—if the popcorn movie Night at the Museum 2 does well, the institute could gain more than $1 million. [AP via Yahoo News].

Seattle's Hotel Max: Who wouldn't love bright-pink signage and a hip location? [HotelChatter].

New maps of NYC for bikers and history buffs, including a free walking tour of George Washington's New York [NewYorkology].

One columnist's new idea for airline security? Forgo it completely. [Gadling].

Orbitz launches OpenCuba.org, to petition the U.S. for travel rights in the country. [Chicagoist].

A "twitique," if you will: One road-tripper twitters her trip and lives to write a critique. [WorldHum].

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