Would you skip hotel housekeeping service for a $5 daily credit?

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For every day you opt out of housekeeping at a Starwood hotel, you'll get 500 bonus loyalty points or a $5 credit at the hotel restaurant.

A Wall Street Journal story reports that 8.5 percent of Starwood guests take advantage of the hotel company's "Make a Green Choice" program, which gives rewards to guests who don't need daily vacuuming, making the bed, and other typical housecleaning services. There's an obvious environmental benefit when linens and towels aren't cleaned every day.

Seems like a neat idea. But should the rewards be even more generous? The story mentions that the total cost of cleaning a room at a luxury hotel comes to about $22 a day. So a hotel obviously saves a lot of money when it doesn't have to provide daily housekeeping.

Instead of a restaurant credit or bonus points, should you get a cash discount on the room rate for opting out of housecleaning services? You're getting less, so shouldn't you pay less?

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