You can't just check bags in Spain

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A compadre from Newsweek (our parent company) who's traveling around Spain with family has discovered something that was news to me. Here's his dispatch:

We left our hotel this morning to tour Granada before this evening's train to Madrid. Guidebooks (incorrectly) say there are lockers in the train and bus stations to store our bags--but they've been removed due to terrorist threats. (Understandable considering Spain's earlier problems.) So we hiked to three nearby hotels, of all price ranges, telling the bellmen we were day tourists and needed brief storage and offered to pay. But as a terrorism precaution, hotels in Spain can't accept bags of non-guests. So we had no choice but to walk the cobblestone streets all day with our roll-a-bouts. (Tumi should look into adding shock absorbers!) Had we known about this snag, we would have checked our steamers at our hotel and cabbed it to the train later.

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