Your photography questions for our Trip Coach

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Thank you to everyone who sent us photography questions for Ask Trip Coach.

Thanks especially to the folks who chimed in with solutions and advice. Good stuff!

After thoroughly researching the topic, we'll address as many of these questions as we can in the October issue. If you just can't wait that long, check out BT's recent story "Take Your Best Shot," which explains when and how to best use common digital camera settings—including which are handiest for shooting up-close, in low light, landscapes from far away, and more.

And we'll most certainly keep Alexis's concern in mind: "In your articles will you please include information with those of us with a simple digital camera?"

Lots of advice from professional photographers, who use $5,000 equipment, just isn't applicable to an amateur traveling around with a $100 (or cheaper) digital camera. It's sort of like getting tips on how to navigate a Corolla from an Indy car driver.

So yes, our story will be practical, and most definitely easy to follow for the average traveler with an average camera.


Trip Coach: Need help taking better vacation photos?

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