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      Located an hour outside of Atlanta, Athens is in Georgia’s smallest county, but it has quickly become one of the South’s most beloved destinations. Athens is known for its eclectic mix of Southern traditions, modern attractions, and a vibrant arts scene, which includes incredible live music. The vibe and energy that gave birth to R.E.M., the B-52s and Widespread Panic is alive and well today through a variety of events and attractions, like the Athens Music Walk of Fame. Historic architecture and impressive gardens in the restored Victorian-era downtown complete the blend of traditional Southern heritage and contemporary style.

      The birthplace of higher education and home to the University of Georgia, the community teems with creative energy and features a wide variety of independent, forward-thinking restaurants as well as local shops. Developing a reputation of The All-American Beer Town, Athens offers residents and visitors the opportunity to explore local breweries to discover their individual approach to craft beer through the Athens Beer Trail.

      Lodging is available for every budget, including modern inns, hotels, B&B’s and short-term rentals. Athens is a true escape for wanderers of all ages.

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