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      The Small Town Reimagined

      Greensburg is a unique city, boasting a distinct history, and a bright future. On May 4th, 2007 Greensburg was devastated by the first ever recorded EF5 tornado. 95% of the city was wiped out in an instant. And although we are most widely known for the tragedy on that night, we refuse to be defined by it.

      Rather than rebuild what was, we envisioned what could be – and we built it. Following the devastation, the community set out to rebuild with sustainability in mind. Thanks to those green efforts, Greensburg is home to the most LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings per capita in the U.S.

      We are pioneering community. We invite you to experience it for yourself.

      Big Well Museum & Visitor Information Center

      The Big Well Museum & Visitor Information Center is one of Greensburg’s most prized attractions. The Big Well was hand dug in 1888 as Greensburg’s first water supply and survived the 2007 tornado. The new museum opened May 26, 2012 and features the Big Well, museum exhibits about the history of Greensburg and the well, the tornado that devastated Greensburg and the rebuilding as a sustainable community.

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