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      DEALS IN Wimberly, Texas
      Wimberly or Wimberley may refer to: Surname Abner Wimberly (1926–1976), American football player Anthony Wimberly (born 1962), American serial killer Benjie E. Wimberly (born 1964), American politician Byron Wimberly (1892–1956), American football player and coach Corey Wimberly (born 1983), American baseball player and manager Don Wimberly (born 1937), American Episcopal bishop Douglas Wimberley (1896–1983), British Army officer George J. Wimberly (1914–1995), American architect John Wimberley (born 1945), American photographer and artist Lorris M. Wimberly (1898–1962), American politician Marcus Wimberly (born 1974), American football player Patrick Wimberly (born 1983), American musician Ronald Wimberly (born 1979), American cartoonist and illustrator Rush Wimberly (1873–1943), American politicianOther 5555 Wimberly, main-belt asteroid Wimberley, Texas, city in Hays County, Texas, United States
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