10 Hot New Travel Gadgets in 2012

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The Sony P. The new Sony tablet weighs 0.5 lbs and folds neatly into a hand-sized box for easy portability. Dual 5.5-inch screens allow for different functions simultaneously or one big picture for Web surfing, and the fold between screens turns the tablet into the perfect eBook reader. Availability and pricing in the spring, sony.com
The Powerbag. You can take it with you—all of it—and keep it juiced all day. This item comes in backpack, strap bag and roller bag form and contains a battery charger with charger cables to keep the power flowing through iPads, iPods and iPhones while you walk. $139-$249, mypowerbag.com
Jawbone UP keeps you moving and managing your metabolism. The sky-blue wristband measures activity, sleep and nutrition and tells it all to an app on your Smartphone. The battery lasts 10 days and works in the shower so don't even think about taking it off. Couch potatoes hate the silent alarm that goes off periodically when the band senses a little too much down time. $99, gigaom.com
Courtesy Jawbone
Q i-wear puts a pair of shatterproof sunglasses/iPod-connected earbuds on your face and let's you get away from it all, right where you are. The glasses bring on the music via Bluetooth stereo earbuds while toning down the ambient noise (perfect for loud places, like football games) and allow you to take phone calls at the same time. $299, qmadix.com
Courtesy Qmadix
FOXL v2 might not have a sexy name, but this pocketsize speaker system sure does lay on the sound, making it easy for you to bring the party with you whenever you roam. The item provides a full range of tones, streamed via Bluetooth from a Smartphone or tablet. It even has a built-in mic for group phone calls. It weighs 9 oz, is waterproof for beach use and comes with a case. $199, soundmatters.com
Polaroid Z340.What's old is new again at Polaroid. Meet the Zink—the zero ink, 14 megapixel digital camera that pops out a bordered and dated photo on the spot, to the delight of your travel companions wherever in the world you wander. And unlike its '60s predecessor, the Z340 keeps a copy in memory so even if you lose the print you never  lose the picture. $299, polaroid.com
Courtesy Polaroid
Charge up while you dream. The iLuv DreamTraveler does away with hotel outlet challenges with a slim travel-size combo power strip that includes surge protection and a USB charger for up to six devices, including laptops, digital cameras, e-Book readers. $69.99, i-luv.com
Courtesy iLuv
The Cloud Camera 5000 by D-Link lets you keep an eye on your home base while you're away. The camera has a motorized pan and tilt base that you can access and control through the company's mydlink interface. Set motion-sensor triggers to email you alerts when the liquor cabinet is getting raided or if the house is hosting a pack of thieves. Debuts in April, cost is expected to be $250, dlink.com
Courtesy D-Link
ViewerMate gives you an even smarter way to use your smartphone. The V-shaped, wallet-sized Velcro platform serves as a flexible and stable viewing stand for a palm-sized device and can be affixed to an up-and-locked tray table for watching movies in flight, or attached to a car visor for hands-free conversations and GPS assistance. $29-$34, viewermate.com
Take charge of your charger with Perch. The small gadget chirps from its spot in the electrical socket when you pull out your laptop, cell phone, MP3 player or other electronic device providing an audible reminder not to leave your juice behind. $9.99, perchinfo.com
Courtesy Perch

We went to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas last week with one goal in mind—to find the coolest inventions for travelers. From a tote that simultaneously powers all of your devices to a piece of jewelry that manages your metabolism, here are ten nifty devices for the road.

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