15 Places Every Kid Should See

Erica Love, 5, of Brookhaven, Pa., with her grandmother at the Grand Canyon in April 2005.
— courtesy Lisa Love
Grace Muratore, 5, of Beaufort, S.C., at the Statue of Liberty in June 2006.
— courtesy Heather Muratore
Nicolas Hamm, 5, of Burke, Va., at Colonial Williamsburg in June 2005.
— courtesy Jennifer Hamm
Marley Jordan, 9, of Nottingham, N.H., at the Lincoln Memorial.
From left: Elizabeth Bolton, 11, and her sister Sarah, 13, of Baltimore, Md., at Niagara Falls in 2006.
— courtesy Kathryn Bolton
Elliott Mueller, 7, of LaFayette, N.Y., at Gettysburg in April 2004.
— courtesy Nancy Mueller
From left: Sarah Bridges and her sister Brittany, of Midland, Tex., at the Alamo.
— courtesy Becky Bridges
Jessica Davi, 13, and her brother Kyle, 10, of Leominster, Mass., at Pearl Harbor in July 2006.
— courtesy Steve Davi
The Hamm family, of Burke, Va., at Monticello in September 2006.
— courtesy Jennifer Hamm
Emma Hills, 6, of Kettle Falls, Wash., at Walt Disney World in February 2004.
— courtesy Jackie Fisher

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