25 Dazzling Snow Scenes

Bryce Canyon
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"Winter is a great time visit Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah. There are less crowds and the canyon is usually filled with snow, making the scenery even more dramatic!"

"A recent snowstorm in Middlebury, Vermont, covered the bittersweet vines with a dusting of wet snow."

"I took this photo last spring during a snowstorm while driving to Great Falls and Billings, Montana."

"Sun setting at midnight in Antarctica."

"In winter in the Japanese mountains, the Snow Monkeys have found that they can enjoy the warmth of the natural hot springs and escape the winter cold."

"Our winter hike to the Wave in northern Arizona."

"Calm water at Skontorp Cove, Antarctica."

"An old barn covered in snow I came across while driving home one day."

"Bejing, when the big snow hit the city and shut down the town."

"A deserted farm road lead to this lonely post stuck in a meringue of windswept snow in Northern Minnesota, near Fargo, North Dakota."

"Central Park, NYC, 57th St. and 7th Avenue station in winter."

"This snow sculpture was at the Yuki Matsuri in Sapporo, Japan."

"Top of the World on Jungfrau in Switzerland."

"The snow fields of Mt.Baker."

"Kleine Scheidegg railway station, altitude 2061m, is situated right at the foot of the notorious Eiger North Face."

"Polar bear mother and her cubs huddled for warmth. Hudson Bay, Canada."

"Photo of a rustic, old barn in the valley of the Grand Tetons range with a foot of new, powdered snow."

"Goðafoss, waterfall of the gods."

"Pic taken in Glacier Bay, Alaska, while on a cruise in May."

"Our friend from South America had a lot of fun her first time snow tubing in the mountains of Pennsylvania!"

"I saw this little church sitting at the base of the German Alps, near Fussen."

"The carriage at The Historic General Lewis Inn, historic Lewisburg, WV."

"Snow falls in Moscow, Russia."

"Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, China."

"Germany's Hohenzollern Castle covered in snow in December."

Whether it's a powdered-sugar dusting along Bryce Canyon's walls, or floating ice caps in Glacier Bay, Budget Travel readers celebrate winter wonderlands worldwide.

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