7 Travel Secrets of Top Show Dogs

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Malachy the Pekingese hits the dog-show circuit every weekend, usually by car. He's a good traveler but is prone to overheating, says his handler.
Courtesy David Fitzpatrick
Traveling to nearly 150 dog shows per year, Walker the Poodle can be high-maintenance while traveling. "He's a sweet, spoiled boy," says his handler, Kaz Hosaka.
Miguel Betancourt
Sadie the Scottish Terrier is photographed after being named the best in a field of 2,500 dogs at the Westminster Kennel Club's annual competition in New York City earlier this year.
Justin Lane/epa/Corbis
Tommy the Maltese is an old-world charmer. During his recent visits to Italy, France, and Croatia, he seemed quite at home, perhaps because of his European ancestry.
Courtesy Tara Martin Rowell
Uno the Beagle was sad to see Midwest Airlines discontinue its "premier pet" program, which awarded each dog its own seat with a protective rug and a harness in place.
Courtesy David Frei
Uno the Beagle plays with Cesar "The Dog Whisperer" Millan.
Courtesy David Frei
Yorkshire terrier Manfred of Sweden is a fashionista. He represents a fashion house for pets that sells luxury clothes and accessories.
Amanda Stiverius/Courtesy Ann Gärdsby
Ann Gärdsby and her dog Manfred of Sweden. She says that he only flies coach. Never cargo.
Susanne Johannson/Courtesy Ann Gärdsby

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