All That and a Bag of Chips

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MexicoFlavor: Chile and LimeTastes like: Tart corn chips sprinkled with black pepper
JapanFlavor: Browned EelTastes like: Mildly sweet teriyaki-flavored taffy
TaiwanFlavor: Garlic PeaTastes like: Vampire repellent—garlic, garlic, garlic
IsraelFlavor: Falafel Tastes like: Tahini, garlic, and leather
IndiaFlavor: Mint LachhaTastes like: Mint chutney with a hint of egg
EnglandFlavor: Marmite Tastes like: Baked potato skins washed down with beer
Louisiana, U.S.Flavor: Voodoo GumboTastes like: Malt vinegar and barbecue sauce
Mid-Atlantic, U.S.Flavor: CrabTastes like: A hot beach, in a good way
KoreaFlavor: Spicy Rice CakeTastes like: Cotton candy with a wicked kick
Pennsylvania, U.S.Flavor: KetchupTastes like: Overripe tomatoes
ThailandFlavor: Sweet BasilTastes like: McDonald's Sweet 'N Sour Sauce, but tangier
KoreaFlavor: ShrimpTastes like: Oddly bland saltines, but with a fishy odor
SpainFlavor: Ham Tastes like: Low-sodium bacon

Barbecue. Sour cream and onion. Squid? There’s no quicker way to get a sense of a culture’s taste buds than by scoping out the snack aisle.

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