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The Winston The anime-inspired Playnation room, by Adriaan Koster and Menno Schenk, sports psychedelic swirls and patterns on the walls, a Pac-Man-like maze on the ceiling, and a giant 3-D gold robot in the corner.
Courtesy the Winston
The New Majestic Justin Lee riffs off pop culture in three of the rooms. The one titled Da Jie ("Big Sister") features Mickey Mouse ears containing double-happiness symbols.
Courtesy New Majestic Hotel
Arte Luise Kunsthotel Dieter Mammel placed an oversize oak bed in Mammel's Dream, so guests could reexperience a child's perspective.
Courtesy Arte Luise Kunsthotel
Arte Luise Kunsthotel Thomas Baumgärtel went bananas in the Royal Suite.
Courtesy Arte Luise Kunsthotel
Daddy Long Legs One of the hotel's more amusing rooms is Andre Vorster's You Are Here.
Courtesy Daddy Long Legs
Daddy Long Legs Bert Pepler's Emergency Room imagines a hospital room in red, with medical supplies as decoration.
Courtesy Daddy Long Legs
The Gladstone In Faux Naturelle, Allyson Mitchell created a psychedelic fake-fur tapestry featuring nymphs.
Courtesy Gladstone Hotel
Hotel Fox Monday, by Norwegian illustrator Kim Hiorthøy, isn't one for obsessive-compulsives.
Courtesy Hotel Fox
Hotel Amour Alexandre de Betak, the creative force behind Victoria's Secret fashion shows, designed Room 401 with a runway vibe: The 200 disco balls hanging from the ceiling make everything sparkle.
Courtesy Hotel Amour

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