Art Hotels

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The Winston The anime-inspired Playnation room, by Adriaan Koster and Menno Schenk, sports psychedelic swirls and patterns on the walls, a Pac-Man-like maze on the ceiling, and a giant 3-D gold robot in the corner.
— Courtesy the Winston
The New Majestic Justin Lee riffs off pop culture in three of the rooms. The one titled Da Jie ("Big Sister") features Mickey Mouse ears containing double-happiness symbols.
— Courtesy New Majestic Hotel
Arte Luise Kunsthotel Dieter Mammel placed an oversize oak bed in Mammel's Dream, so guests could reexperience a child's perspective.
— Courtesy Arte Luise Kunsthotel
Arte Luise Kunsthotel Thomas Baumgärtel went bananas in the Royal Suite.
— Courtesy Arte Luise Kunsthotel
Daddy Long Legs One of the hotel's more amusing rooms is Andre Vorster's You Are Here.
— Courtesy Daddy Long Legs
Daddy Long Legs Bert Pepler's Emergency Room imagines a hospital room in red, with medical supplies as decoration.
— Courtesy Daddy Long Legs
The Gladstone In Faux Naturelle, Allyson Mitchell created a psychedelic fake-fur tapestry featuring nymphs.
— Courtesy Gladstone Hotel
Hotel Fox Monday, by Norwegian illustrator Kim Hiorthøy, isn't one for obsessive-compulsives.
— Courtesy Hotel Fox
Hotel Amour Alexandre de Betak, the creative force behind Victoria's Secret fashion shows, designed Room 401 with a runway vibe: The 200 disco balls hanging from the ceiling make everything sparkle.
— Courtesy Hotel Amour

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