You Won't BELIEVE These Views of Earth From Above

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"Flying over the coast of Maui on the way back home from Kona."
"The Italian Alps from the plane while flying to Venice."
"Lift-off from Bora Bora headed to Moorea."
"Swirling icebergs paint the north Atlantic ocean, taken enroute from Dubai to New York."
"I snapped this incredible sunset from the plane window on our way to Philadelphia from Detroit.  A beautiful beginning to a wonderful trip!"
"The 45 minute trip from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez by prop plane is amazingly scenic. This shot is on Costa Rica's Pacific coast near Uvita."
"These mysterious circles occur in some of the desert areas in Namibia. We flew over them as we approached the runway for our lodge in the Namib Rand."
"From downtown Seattle, Lake Washington, Bellevue, and all the way to the Cascade Mountains—a perfect view of the Northwest."
"It's worth the price of a ticket to fly from Sacramento to Portland, Oregon. On a clear day, a window seat on the right side of the plane will entertain you with spectacular views of the mountains."
  "Approaching Iguazu Falls in Brazil, the pilot did a fly over. What a view!"
"During the initial approach to Fort Lauderdale, I found Jupiter high in the sky."
"Flying into Phoenix."
"An aerial view of some of Bora Bora's overwater bungalows on the lagoon."
  "During a helicopter ride over Kauai's Na Pali coast, a rainstorm rolled through and left a spectacular, complete double-rainbow."
"This photo of Mt. Everest was taken from the window of our airplane, returning from Bhutan to India. Breathtaking!"
  "I was magnificently fortunate enough to get a window seat on our flight from Chicago to Málaga—and to be conscious when we were directly above the beautiful country as the sun came up."
"Flying from Lima to Iquitos, Peru, the setting sun cast a golden glow on the Amazon River below."
"This is a view of Oroville Dam and marina nearby in northern California. The lake usually has a low water line. Does it remind you of a large bathtub?"
"This photo of Utah's Great Salt Lake was taken through the airplane window. Luckily, I had a clean one."
"As the plane decends into the Sacramento airport, the views can be stunning."
"Flying out of Cancun."
"This photo of Kekaha Kai State Park beach on the Big Island was taken from an island hopper plane from Maui."
"View of tribal compound in Kenya from the air. Animals are kept in at night to keep them away from predators."
"The Chilean Andes just north of the Torres del Paine National Park."
"View from an airplane window heading to Coron, Palawan, Philippines."
"Greenland at sunset."
"The wind blows ferociously down the Columbia River Gorge. Farms have sprung up on both the Oregon and Washington sides to capture its power."

Some of the best sights you'll see on vacation are right out your airplane window! From icebergs floating in the Atlantic to mysterious circles in the African desert, our readers have seen—and photographed—it all from 35,000 feet.

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