29 Bewitching Forest Scenes

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"Mosegard Forest, Denmark."
"We followed this path while hiking in the Annapurnas in Nepal."
"Giant Baobab trees near Morondava, Madagascar."
"A stream through the forest in Great Smoky Mountains National Park."
"These are the trees featured in the Jurassic Park movie where they found dinosour eggs in the roots of trees. This is in the National Botanical Forest on Kauai."
"Giant oak with moss found in South Carolina."
"Snapped this pic on a foggy morning drive to the top of Sandia Crest, NM (elevation over 10,000 ft) which is located just east of Albuquerque, NM."
"Bamboo Forest in Maui, HI."
"Moss clinging to branches with bright bromediads in a cloud forest in northern Peru."
"Hiawatha National Forest on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan."
"Showshoeing through the snow covered forest in Mount Rainier National Park."
"After a hefty snowstorm, my husband and I went on a two-mile walk and were constantly"plopped" by melting snow projectiles as the temperature rapidly increased and the sun melted the snow. It was pretty in the trees, but we had to protect the cameras."
"Tress that grow as straight as telephone poles on Vancouver Island, Canada."
"Forest glen in the Moss Garden near Kyoto, Japan."
"No, this photo was not taken in Oregon or Washington. This is Arizona! Hannigan Meadows, Arizona, to be exact."
"An inviting forest of ancient sycamore trees near Lake Langano in southern Ethiopia."
"Trees and ferns in Washington State."
"I fell in love with these beautiful trees on a visit to Dallas two years ago. It was wicked hot, so I sure was grateful for the shade they provided!"
"The color and weather-worn texture of this dead tree provide a beautiful contrast to the growth around it."
"While hiking in Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia, we observed this beautiful view."
"Mackinac Island State Park."
"Stanley Park Forest."
"Close up old-growth redwood tree."
"A moss covered tree stands in the foggy Northwest forest."
"The Major Oak is a huge oak tree near the village of Edwinstowe in the heart of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England. According to local folklore, it was Robin Hood's shelter where he and his merry men slept."
"This enchanted forest near Pier's Gorge in Dickenson County, Michigan was fit for a fairy tale!"
"I found this tree covered in moss at Texas Falls in Green Mountain National Forest in Hancock, Vermont."
"Growing up in Northern New England, I loved visiting Oregon and seeing how dense, rich and dark the forestests were in the Pacific Northwest."
"There is no solitude like the enchanted Gougane Barra Forest in Bantry, Ireland."

Towering redwoods. Ancient sycamores. Snow-covered pines. Take a walk deep into these 29 forests and you'll find nature scenes that are beautiful to behold—and some that are downright spooky.

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