Birkenstock Contest: The Winning Photos

1009_Birkenstock launcher image
The winning shot: Uluru reflection.
— Ciara Cole
Mount Desert Island, Maine.
— Candice Miller
Christmas in Seattle.
— Elizabeth McKee
The Three Sisters, Australia.
— Jennifer Bowman
Fireworks, Costa Rica–style.
— Francesca Sabatasso
Lovely Egyptian ladies at work.
— Louise Bleakly
Sacred Valley, Peru.
— Cynthia Stivers
— Barbara Sekerchak
Sunrise over Angkor Wat.
— Michele Walters
Windmills at Kinderdijk, Netherlands.
— Lorrie LeClair
Cape Town, South Africa.
— Jennifer Burgis
The Golden Gate Bridge.
— Brad Miller
Flying boy at an Oregon coast beach.
— Olga Kiraly
Silence, Golden Temple, Armristar, India.
— Ryan Kush
Autumn in Newport, R.I.
— Doug Lory
— Chelsey Duffney
Street food in Bangkok.
— John Eiberger
Starfish at Cannon Beach, Ore.
— Emily Wyman
Sunset at midday, outside of Kiruna, Sweden.
— Emily Castro

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