Budget Travel Editors' Dreamiest Trips

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Arriving at mist-covered Machu Picchu at dawn on my birthday a few years ago.—Valerie Rains, Features Editor
Riding camels out into the Sahara and sleeping beneath the stars in Morocco.—Andrea Minarcek, Contributing Editor
Visiting a secret beach in Hong Kong that involved taking a metro to the end of the line, taking a cab for an hour, hiring a local fishing boat, then hiking over a mountain. Exhausting, but worth it.—Nicholas DeRenzo, Associate Editor
My honeymoon to the Mayan Riviera. After the chaos that is planning a wedding, relaxing on the beach enjoying a piña colada was as dreamy as can be.—Robin Honig, Research Chief
Jumping off the top of Tiijuca Forest National Park in Brazil, hang-gliding over Rio de Janeiro, and landing on Pepino Beach.—Whitney Tressel, Associate Photo Editor
Spending a week driving around the Scottish Highlands, sampling whiskey, hiking to the top of Ben Nevis, and pulling over the greet the hairy coo.—Danielle Contray, Senior Digital Editor
Staying at a castle-turned-hotel in Banff: majestic views from all sides, nooks and corners filled with books, endless outdoor activities, and the perfect little town for après-ski drinks.—Lisa Schneider, General Manager
Horseback riding a mountain trail in the Andes—I was right up there with the condors, peering down miles below into the gorge and thinking I might die, but loving every minute of it.—Laura Michonski, Deputy Digital Editor
Riding up a funicular to the top of a mountain that overlooked Lake Como, and the town of Brunate, in Italy. I swear I’m opening a B&B there someday.—Kaeli Conforti, Digital Editorial Assistant
Six weeks to visit the Cook Islands, New Zealand, and Australia. Dreamiest part was the length of time!—Amy Lundeen, Photo Director
A peaceful Christmas all alone on an isolated Philippine island.—Ryan Murphy, Intern
A boat trip through the fjords of Norway. The scenery was stunning, and it was summer, so it was light until midnight.—Marc Peyser, Editor

The staff of Budget Travel has logged some pretty serious miles through the years, embarking on amazing adventures like hang-gliding over Rio and riding a camel across the Sahara. Here are 12 of the editors' dreamiest trips.

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