PHOTOS: A Road Trip Through Big Bend National Park

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A man is silhouetted in Santa Elena canyon as he looks down at three canoes in the Rio Grande, Big Bend National Park, Texas. On the left side of this river is the United States, and on the right is Mexico.
Abandoned farming settlement at night in the desert. Castolon, Big Bend National Park, Texas, United States.
A man prepares two canoes to go out on the Rio Grande River in Terlingua, Texas near some mountains. The Rio Grande runs through Big Bend National Park.
Night Sky behind Santa Elena Canyon on the Rio Grande river, border of United States and Mexico. Big Bend National Park, Texas.
A hiker pausing to enjoy the spectacular view from an overlook at the edge of the canyon on South Rim Trail in the Big Bend National Park, Texas.
Gary Hartz/Dreamstime
The Chisos Mountains of Big Bend National Park, in Texas, the Rio Grande River and the International Border with Mexico photographed in the early morning.
A small recreational vehicle navigates past a bear and mountain lion warning in big Bend National Park.
Rusty Dodson/Dreamstime
Old Wooden Structures in the Castolon section on Big Bend National Park.
The sun rises behind a mountain in a desert, Big Bend National Park.
The famous Balanced Rock formation in the Grapevine Hills section of Big Bend National Park.
Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, Big Bend National Park, Texas.
Adobe Building in Castolon. Big Bend National Park, Texas.
Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, Big Bend National Park, Texas.
Desert landscape featuring cactus and far hills, big bend region of West Texas.

Take a beautiful drive through one of America's true hidden gems: Big Bend National Park, winding along the Rio Grande in West Texas.

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