40 Incredible Photos of Russia

View of Red Square from St. Basil's CathedralIron Bridge in St. Petersburg, RussiaThe beautiful Peterhof building in RussiaMoscow by nightPeterhof Park in RussiaRed Square, with Lenin's mausoleumEarly in the morning in Moscow, before the crowds arrived.Spring thaw in the Russian wildernessA view of the beautiful Russian countryside Peterhof in RussiaView from a convent in MoscowAn impressive building in winterWooden domes in RussiaMonastery in Kostroma, RussiaPalace Square in St. Petersburg, RussiaSunday morning in Durasovo, RussiaNew Year's trees in RussiaThe Moskva and the Kremlin by nightPeter the Great's Peterhof in RussiaPushkin Palace, St. Petersburg, RussiaTree clinging to a cliff in RussiaA village church in KaravaevaRussia thawing out in AprilStatues inside the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russiachurch in Kostroma, RussiaKazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg, RussiaLenin Statue at the CarnivalSt. Basil Chapel in MoscowThe Hermitage in St. Petersburg, RussiaThe ship's catKremlin Clock TowerSt. Basil Chapel in Moscow from the backSt. Basil's Cathedral lit up at nightRussian domes through the treesKostroma Russia churchCatherine the Great's Palace in St. Petersburg, RussiaOrthodox icons for sale in Staraya Ladoga, RussiaA friendly cow in RussiaInside the Palace of Catherine the GreatLakeside Monastery, Vologda Oblast, Russia
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"View of Red Square from St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow."
"This is an old iron bridge crossing a canal in a park near Catherine the Great's Palace in Pushkin, Russia, near St. Petersburg."
"The beautiful Peterhof building in Russia."
"Moscow by night."
"Peterhof Park in Russia."
"Red Square, with Lenin's mausoleum in the center of the photo."
"Early in the morning in Moscow, before the crowds arrived."
"Spring thaw in the wilderness of Kostroma, Russia."
"Russia's scenic countryside."
"Peterhof in Russia."
"These are the beautiful grounds of a convent in Moscow."
"The Opera and Ballet Theater in Kazan, Russia, on a snowy winter night."
"Kizhi Island in Russia is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Every building on the island, including the onion domes, are all made of wood. The domes are made of aspen which catches and changes with the light."
"Uspensky Monastery in Kostroma, Russia."
"Palace Square in St. Petersburg, Russia."
"I was staying with my friend in this small village outside the city of Kostroma, Russia. There were only about 12 houses surrounding the blue wooden church. Sunday morning, the bells tolled and Russian women wrapped in furs braved the -20F weather to attend the services."
"Kostroma is an ancient town on the banks of the Volga River. New Year's trees begin to show up around December 20th, just in time for the holiday festivities. The main square was decked out with a tree, ice sculputres, and ice slides for the kids."
"The Moskva and the Kremlin by night."
"You may find it difficult to believe that when the Germans were finally driven out of the area toward the end of World War II, almost everthing was in ruins. The complex of gardens and residences at Peterhof was masterminded by Peter the Great, who personally drew up the original plans, starting around 1720."
"Pushkin Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia."
"A tree clinging to a cliff in the Russian wilderness."
"A village church in Karavaeva."
"April thaw in Kostroma."
"Statues inside the Hermitage in St. Petersburg."
"A church in Kostroma, Russia."
"Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia."
"Lenin statue at a New Year's carnival in Voronezh, Russia."
"St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow."
"The Hermitage in St. Petersburg."
"During our Russian river cruise, we had the pleasure of meeting the ship's cat."
"Kremlin Clock Tower."
"The back of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow."
"Red Square has all its buildings lit up at night, creating a fantasy-like setting. St. Basil's Cathedral is spectacular at night as well as in the day."
"This is a church in Uglich, Russia, along the Volga river. I like that the leaves frame the domes in a heart shape."
"A beautiful church in Kostroma, Russia."
"Catherine the Great's Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia."
"Orthodox icons for sale in Staraya Ladoga, Russia."
"While visiting rural Russian artists in the village of Krasnoe-na-volge, we turned a corner and met up with this friendly cow."
"The Great Hall is Rastrelli's centerpiece room at Catherine Palace. The vastness of gilded carvings decorating the walls, inlaid parquet floor, and elaborately painted ceiling demonstrates the opulence of this masterpiece. It is in this Great Hall that important receptions such as balls and formal dinners were held."
"A lakeside Monastery in Vologda Oblast, Russia."

Whether you tuned in to watch the 2014 Sochi Olympics or have always been intrigued by the hidden beauty of Russia's vivid landscapes, colorful dome-topped buildings, and complicated history, we've rounded up 40 beautiful photos of this fascinating country, taken by our BT audience.

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