Beach Gear You Need This Summer!

Flight 001 F1 Go Clean pouchesSunny Life Beach Paddles TallowFlipsidez Sand Imprint Flip-FlopsJuicyBeauty Sport SPF30 SunscreenRay Ban Wayfarer Folding Flash LensesQuirky Shake Tote Quirky Shake ClutchRoxy Sunrise Blanket Boom SwimmerKOR ONE Water BottleBioLite Campstove grill and Wood Burning CampStove
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Don't miss a second of sunshine and go straight from the beach to the airport by stashing wet gear in these colorful and appropriately labeled nylon Flight 001 F1 Go Clean Pouches, which keep smells and sogginess under wraps, and items separated by dividers., from $18. 
Courtesy Flight 001
Even the laziest beach bum will want to give a round of paddleball a go when they see this colorful set of Sunny Life Beach Paddles with comfy neoprene handles., $27.
Courtesy Sunny Life
Your better half should know what you want without you having to say it... but in case they need a reminder, these customizable Flipsidez Sand Imprint Flip-Flops will get any message across., $19.95.
Courtesy Flipsidez
Certified organic, this water-resistant, chemical-free JuicyBeauty Sport SPF30 Sunscreen blends organic coconut, jojoba and soothing aloe with antioxidants and vitamins, creating a quick-absorbing, delicious sunscreen that you'll be happy to keep slathering on., $16. 
Courtesy Juicy
Universally flattering and proven to make pretty much anyone look at least 27% better, Ray Ban Wayfarer Folding Flash Lenses are classics for a reason. Get a modern update on the icon with these incredibly practical, super functional, and stylin' foldable specs. Plus, polarization makes for subtle peeping., $175.
Courtesy Ray Ban
The worst part about the beach? The sand seems to follow you everywhere. The innovative Quirky Shake Tote, however, is a nifty—and chic—solution: open the flap that conceals netting at the bottom of the bag to shake out every last bit of beach., $89.99.
Courtesy Quirky
Looking for something smaller? The Quirky Shake Clutch will also clear away unwanted sand and keep you looking fabulous on the beach., $29.99.
Courtesy Quirky
This bright Roxy Sunrise Blanket is big enough for two—should you feel like sharing—and made of soft cotton thick enough to keep you from getting wet or sandy. Even better, it comes with roll up straps for super easy transportation., $46.
Courtesy Roxy
Bigger isn't always better, and this colorful little speaker, the Boom Swimmer, packs a punch. Listen to your favorite summer tunes on repeat with this Bluetooth-enabled, waterproof speaker, which easily connects to any smart phone. Plus, the fun, flexible tail attaches to pretty much anything., $59.99.
Courtesy Boom
KOR ONE is the most stylish way to stay hydrated—so stylish, in fact, that it's a "hydration vessel," not a water bottle. Not just pretty, but practical too, as it's sturdy, bpa-free, and has a hinged cap and ice cube-friendly spout., $29.95.
Courtesy KOR ONE
A surefire way to make everyone happy? Loading this baby up with beef. Best of all, there's no need for smelly petroleum or charcoal; you can use driftwood you find on this foldable BioLite Campstove grill and Wood Burning CampStove. Plus, charge your phone with fire generated electricity!, $59.96 and $129.95.
Courtesy BioLite

We believe summer is all about color, and we've rounded up the loudest, most colorful gear out there. You'll be the center of attention—and the envy of the beach.

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