40 More Passport Stamps Worth Bragging About

Red Square in Moscow, RussiaLake Como, ItalyTemple Mount in Israel
Istanbul, TurkeyBeautiful mountains near the town of Vang Vieng in Laos.Meeru Island Sunrise in the Maldives
The Tigers Nest in BhutanChristmas markets in MunichThe White Cliffs of Dover in the UK
Sailing the Nile in EgyptA beautiful photo of the Taj Mahal in IndiaKuching, Malaysia
Galapagos IslandsJamaicaBruges Belgium at night
CuracaoKuthodaw Pagoda in MyanmarPenguins in the Faukland Islands
Lisbon, PortugalHavana, CubaCamels and Pyramids in Egypt
Li River Cruise From Guilin, ChinaKenyaZimbabwe
Machu Picchu in PeruKangaroo in AustraliaPeterhof in St. Petersburg, Russia
A beautiful beach in BarbadosA herd of zebras on the Serengeti Plain during a safari trip through TanzaniaBeach scene from Ambergris Caye in Belize
El Morro, in Havana, Cuba, from avenida MaleconIcelandTahiti
NicaraguaKenya sunrisePhuket, Thailand
Prague Castle all lit up at night.The blue waters of Moorea, French PolynesiaSunset in Colonia, Uruguay
EPCOT in Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida
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"Russia—so long awaited, visited in dreams, premonitions, and obvious red tape. They keep you waiting forever in wonder and anticipation. I had a shameless grin once the stereotypical Olga gave me the final stamp of entry." —Carrie Budner

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"Italy because it was my first and Egypt because I've always wanted to go since world history class in 6th grade. Finally made it!" —Nicki Stacy

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"Israel, for not only my first passport stamp, but an adventure that taught me the love of travel. I went by myself at age 19, met amazing people from all over the world, learned about Israel and lots of different cultures, but of course, learned more about myself than anything. Still traveling, and learning, independently, 25 years later." —Emily Meyerson

"Turkey! They accidently stamped the wrong entry date, which caused problems, so I had to navigate alone to the police department, where the officer stuck a mini post-It note in my passport to correct it and sign off. This post-it remains in my passport today." —Valerie Franks

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"Laos." —Tia Turner

"Maldives. It's simply heaven on earth." —Manuela Anamaria

"Bhutan. I had first heard of Gross National Happiness from a high school teacher and was determined to get there myself. It was completely worth it. What an amazing country!" —Katie Hallock

"Lithuania. Just after the re establishment of its independence, I brought my mother back to her homeland 45 years after fleeing during the war. The tears of joy were priceless. Our next goal is Munich, where she lived in a displaced persons camp for more than four years while waiting for approval to emigrate to the U.S." —Lisa Blanco

"The stamp I got from the French immigration office just before crossing the English Channel from Dover to Calais during my recent trip to London and Paris with Contiki. It was so exciting to know we'd be in France in 90 minutes and having dinner in Paris that night!" —@willwrite4food2

"Egypt six years ago. So grateful that I got to see the beauty of this country and its people before all the unrest. The Egyptian people welcomed us with open arms and I will never forget my two weeks there. They were life changing for me." —Marion Westerling

"All of them. Having to pick one, it would come down to either China or India with India winning out." —Christopher D. Peterson

"Singapore and Malaysia." —Jorge Arm

"Hands down, Galapagos Islands. I was pretty bitter when someone else used the same page on a recent trip!" —@Jill_Lynnette


"Jamaica. It was my very first trip outside of the U.S. and I loved it!" —Kristy Dickens Epperson

"Belgium because it was my first stamp." —Holly Slade Bommer

"I'm headed to Curacao in a few weeks and that stamp will mark the 35th country I've traveled to. It'll also be the stamp that retires a three-year-old passport that has completely run out of pages." —Pui Chi Wong

"My Myanmar visa last month. Such an exciting, exotic, and fulfilling trip!" —@MarathonScott

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"Falkland Islands." —Sebastian Strozza

"Portugal with my Dad to visit relatives that I had never met before. Best time ever with my Dad!" —Michelle Sirois

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"My Jose Marti stamp from the Havana, Cuba, airport. Probably because as an American citizen I wasn't supposed to be there." —Kathleen Loepker

"Egypt. I wanted to visit Egypt since I was knee high and realized such dream in November of 2010. It was the trip of a lifetime." —Michelle DiGaetano

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"A Yugoslav visa that expired on the last day of "Yugoslavia's" existence as a country, Mongolian stamp, two Czech work visa stamps, Russia, and most of Eastern Europe in 1999 and from 2002 to 2004, and China. I have one expired passport that has about 70 stamps, the whole thing is valuable to me." —Tania Rymond

"On my current passport it is Kenya. It was a life-changing trip. On my first passport it was Iraq. I got what I thought was a visa to work there but when I got there, it turns out it was a stamp to allow me to get a visa. Thankfully, I was working for CND ambassador and Iraq customs let me stay." —@MarjiStevens

"Zimbabwe—I walked across the border from Zambia." —Dave Bloom

"Stamp from Machu Picchu." —Lauren Lee Mohutsky

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"Australia." —Terri Jackson

"St. Petersburg, Russia. It was from my honeymoon. Yes, we went to Russia on our honeymoon. As a child growing up in the Cold War, it was unbelievable to be walking around in Mother Russia." —Chris Knight

"Barbados, my very first stamp of many." —26 Travel

"Tanzania." —Sigrid Garavito

"Belize. I love going there time and time again!" —Jessie Doherty

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"Tibet, Cuba, North and South Korea, and the Maldives." —Sanje Chödrön Lama


"Iceland." —Jayme Arrington

"Tahiti." —Devin Pelt

"Nicaragua in 1992." —Tara Ross

"On my current passport it is Kenya! It was a life changing trip." —@MarjiStevens

"Thailand. I spent a week in Phuket with a gorgeous lady and I am not exaggerating!" —Gary Doherty

"Prague." —Gretchen Genador Hord

"French Polynesia." —Derrick Caldwell

"Uruguay, as it never occurred to me to want to go there, but it is a beautiful country with some great wine." —Katrina Clarence Rene

"Silly as it sounds...the stamps in my EPCOT World Showcase passport. I worked at Walt Disney World in 2003 and it reminds me of my time there." —Christopher Hammel

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