Gift Guide: Present Tense?

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Luggage tags are a smart idea now that we're checking bags again. Flight 001, the travel minichain that just opened outposts in Brooklyn and Berkeley, has cool ones., $10 each. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
This extraordinarily light and flexible stainless-steel wallet, designed by Theo Stewart-Stand, is yet another good gift idea from MoMA Design Store., $95. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
Moleskine is introducing a clever new line of City Notebooks, which come with maps and other info. Currently available for 12 European cities. (for stores), $17. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
Tigo's Mini Suede Colored Pencil Set holds pencils, a pad, and a sharpener in a tie-up package., $23. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
The 2007 Hannah Travel Poster Calendar is a collection of 12 loose sheets celebrating the "Golden Age of Travel.", $28 ($37 with frame and gift wrap). (Photo: Michael Kraus)
This three-foot tall model of the Empire State Building is made with wooden pieces that link together without glue. Also available: the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge. (search "puzzle"), $54. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
If you can't drink the water, then ice is out of the question--unless you bring your own! Ice Rocks are prepackaged freezable ice cubes.The CEO swears they'll be available this fall., $5 for 48 cubes. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
For her new book Monkey Portraits, photographer Jill Greenberg took a break from her usual subject--celebrities--to shoot something more sophisticated., $25. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
If we don't say it, who will? A one-year subscription to Budget Travel makes a great gift for anyone who loves to travel., $12. (Photo: Michael Kraus)

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