Hong Kong Gets Green

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The 150-acre Hong Kong Wetland Park opened in May 2006 with a visitors center that has telescopes so guests can search out the more than 200 bird species. wetlandpark.com, $4. (Photo: courtesy Hong Kong Wetland Park)
The Wetland Park has four main boardwalks so visitors can wander past marshes, mangroves, lily pads, and fish ponds. (Photo: Kate Appleton)
By the town of Tin Shui Wai, the Wetland Park is so close to mainland China that the towers of Shenzhen are visible. (Photo: Kate Appleton)
The Skyrail's mountaintop destination is Ngong Ping, a replica of a traditional village, just a short walk from the Big Buddha statue at Po Lin Monastery. (Photo: Kate Appleton)
The Wisdom Path is a series of 38 wooden columns carved with Chinese inscriptions from the Heart Sutra. (Photo: courtesy Hong Kong Tourism Board)
Ornamental structures, rock clusters, and 59 types of ancient trees make up Kowloon's Nan Lian Garden, which opened in November 2006. nanliangarden.org, free. (Photo: courtesy Hong Kong Tourism Board)
A visit to Tai O, a village at the mouth of the Pearl River, is one of the new Nature Kaleidoscope offerings organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Here, a Tanka woman prepares shrimp paste for traditional Chinese cooking. (Photo: courtesy Hong Kong Tourism Board)

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