Montenegro: The Next Croatia

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Boka Kotorska, the T-shaped fjord between Montenegro's coast and its interior, as seen from the 14th-century Fortress of St. Ivan, in the town of Kotor. (Photo: Jack Coble)
A clock tower stands in the main square of Kotor, a medieval town in the mountains above Boka Kotorska fjord. (Photo: Jack Coble)
A moat stands strong in the old city section of Kotor. (Photo: Jack Coble)
Kotor is a city of narrow streets and labyrinthine alleys. (Photo: Jack Coble)
A sunset view of the old city features the cream-colored pillars of St. Tryphon Cathedral in the distance. (Photo: Jack Coble)
The Fortress of St. Ivan, illuminated at night, sits high above Kotor's main square. (Photo: Jack Coble)
The village of Sveti Stefan boasts warm water and red-sand beaches. (Photo: Jack Coble)
An artist sells paintings at Sveti Stefan beach. (Photo: Jack Coble)
Restaurant Drago, in Sveti Stefan, serves a signature meal of roast lamb and local wine. (Photo: Jack Coble)
Daredevils jump from the cliffs near Sveti Stefan beach. (Photo: Jack Coble)

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