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Morgantown, West VirginiaWoodburn Hall, West Virginia University in Morgantown
Pleasant Street, Morgantown, West Virginia Breakfast at the Iron Horse Tavern, Morgantown, WVCoopers Rock State Forest, Morgantown, West Virginia
Trout Pond, Coopers Rock State Forest, Morgantown, West VirginiaCoopers Rock State Forest, Morgantown, West VirginiaMorgantown, Henry Clay Iron Furnace, West Virginia
Cheat Lake, Morgantown, West VirginiaAtomic Grill in Morgantown, West Virginia The Cupcakerie, Morgantown, WV
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Morgantown, West Virginia, mingles natural beauty (thanks to the Monongahela River) with a charming and bustling small-city vibe, including one of West Virginia’s finest local food scenes.


West Virginia University is at the heart of Morgantown’s cultural life, inspiring a diverse arts, food, and entertainment environment. Visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view when they take the university’s unique Canopy Tour, which includes four ziplines.


Visitors love diving into West Virginia University’s sports, with fall football drawing thousands of spectators. The university’s “flying WV” logo is one of West Virginia’s most iconic symbols.


Morgantown’s downtown will keep you busy with cold beer served in generous portions at Mario’s Fishbowl, American-style small plates at Tin 202, and much more. 

West Virginia Division of Tourism

The Iron Horse Tavern is a gastropub that leaves every customer satisfied with hearty breakfasts, classic American comfort food, local craft beers, and cocktails.

Courtesy Iron Horse Tavern

Cooper’s Rock State Forest is the place to dive into the Morgantown area’s natural wonders, with more than 12,000 acres for hiking, biking, camping, and more.

West Virginia Division of Tourism

Cooper’s Rock State Forest’s Trout Pond is stocked with its namesake fish and is a magnet for fishermen who know one of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful park is by casting a line.

West Virginia Division of Tourism

Cooper’s Rock State Forest is not only a green respite from the everyday, it's also a major historic site, home to the Henry Clay Iron Furnace, an impressive stone structure right in the middle of the forest.

West Virginia Division of Tourism

The historic, 30-foot-high Henry Clay Iron Furnace dates back to the 1830s and captivates visitors to the state forest.

Karen Foley/Dreamstime

Cheat Lake Park and Trail is a family-friendly 4.5-mile trail landscaped for easy strolls - and the kids will love the playground right by the lake!

West Virginia Division of Tourism

If all that exploring has made you hungry, the Atomic Grill is the place for you. Enjoy awesome BBQ, burgers, and more in a bright, eye-popping environment.

West Virginia Division of Tourism

Save room for dessert at the Cupcakerie, which boasts artisanal confections like the popular "P'Nutty."

Courtesy The Cupcakerie

Get ready for a gorgeous riverfront, the bustle of a small city, and a tasty food scene.

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