Most Instagrammed Places in America!

Las VegasCannon Beach, OregonThe Grand Canyon
South Beach, MiamiGlacier National Park, MontanaBourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
Empire State Building, New York CityWhite Sands National Monument, New MexicoThe White House, Washington D.C.
Badlands National Park, South DakotaMauna Kea, Big Island, HawaiiDisneyland, California
Denali National Park, AlaskaWrigley Field, ChicagoOld Orchard Beach, Maine
The Strip, Las VegasMyrtle Beach, South CarolinaSeattle Space Needle
Yellowstone National Park, WyomingVirginia Beach, Virginia
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From legendary beaches to breathtaking national parks, some of the most Instagrammed places in America (according to a BusBud survey) are also brag-worthy travel destinations. Here, some of our very favorites—show us yours by tagging #MyBudgetTravel and following @BudgetTravel on Instagram.


Close your eyes and imagine the most dramatic oceanfront vista. Now take a look at Cannon Beach, the most Instagrammed place in Oregon. It’s more beautiful in person, which may be what inspires so many people to share their images.

Courtesy gdcall/myBudgetTravel

The Grand Canyon’s wide vistas seem to dwarf even the people who try to pose in the foreground. (We don’t recommend it.) Budget Travelers agree that it’s one of America’s most humbling, contemplative destinations, and it’s the most Instagrammed place in Arizona.

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Style! Sophistication! Neon! Miami’s South Beach is one of our very favorite spots to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life, and visitors to Florida agree, making this chic oceanfront nabe the most Instagrammed place in the Sunshine State.

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For me, this one’s personal. Glacier National Park is my favorite place on earth and it warmed my heart to learn that visitors from all over the world have made the park (whose St. Mary Lake, pictured here, has a beautiful hiking trail around it) the most Instagrammed place in Montana.

Natalia Bratslavsky/Dreamstime

No surprise here. Visitors to Louisiana must stroll the raucous party scene on New Orleans’s Bourbon Street, and apparently these days they must also snap some sweet pix while they’re at it, making the street the most Instagrammed place in Louisiana.


Start spreading the news! The Empire State Building is one of those tried-and-true travel destinations that not only lives up to the hype but surpasses it. We love a night visit, with the lights of the city twinkling below. No wonder the skyscraper is New York State’s number-one Instagrammed place, beating out stiff competition from Niagara Falls and the Statue of Liberty.

Courtesy pinkhammer/myBudgetTravel

While White Sands National Monument may sometimes look and feel like another planet, it’s a very real place in New Mexico, the most photographed and tagged in the state by Instagrammers.

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I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, or Independent, catching an in-person glimpse of the White House, home to every U.S. president since John Adams, is enough to give any American goosebumps, and, apparently, to share a pic on Instagram more than any other place in the District of Columbia.

Courtesy joecruz/myBudgetTravel

Badlands National Park wowed Budget Travel’s Digital Editor, Kaeli Conforti, so much that she delivered a fun, see-it-all road trip story based on this gorgeous region. Turns out thousands of other visitors loved it just as much and made it the most Instagrammed place in South Dakota.

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We were surprised when BusBud’s Instagram survey reported that the most popular place to tag pix in the Hawaiian Islands was neither a beach nor a lush rain forest, but rather the dramatic Mauna Kea volcano. But the views from the mountain pretty much say it all.

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California offers opportunities to snap pix of the Pacific Ocean, Big Sur, Yosemite National Park, the redwoods, the Golden Gate Bridge… you get the picture? But Disneyland is not only "The Happiest Place on Earth" but also happens to be the most Instagrammed place in the Golden State.

Juan Camilo Bernal/Dreamstime

Denali National Park is the most Instagrammed place in Alaska, with stunning mountain panoramas, wildlife, and the last of 2015’s fall foliage (winter comes early and stays late up here) being especially popular as we were putting this story together.

Courtesy denesmeyer/myBudgetTravel

We don’t know whether October 2015 will be the Chicago Cubs’ first championship year in, well, forever. We do appreciate that Wrigley Field, the historic baseball stadium, is the most Instagrammed place in Illinois.

Courtesy Chicago Cubs/Stephen Green

There’s so much to love about Maine, but the most Instagrammed place in the state was neither Acadia National Park nor Bar Harbor, but one of Budget Travel’s Coolest Small Towns 2015 (not to mention one of our most awesome boardwalks), Old Orchard Beach.


Viva Las Vegas! Of course visitors to Nevada are swarming The Strip and snapping away, posting a volume of shots that make it the top spot in the state on Instagram.

Sergey Rogovets/Dreamstime

Myrtle Beach is one of our favorite affordable luxuries, with miles of sand, stylish hotels that won’t break the bank, and one of America’s most awesome boardwalks. So many visitors descend here in summer, fall, and even winter breaks like Valentine’s Day, we’re not surprised it’s the most Instagrammed place in South Carolina.

Courtesy woobiecat1/myBudgetTravel

Among the American icons on this list, Seattle’s Space Needle looms large, and not just physically. Whether visitors are snapping pix from the tower itself or from a variety of angles below, it surpasses Washington State’s other sights, including Puget Sound and the Olympia National Park, as the most Instagrammed place.


America is so rich in natural beauty, and our national park system (about to celebrate its centennial in 2016!) offers the chance for every citizen to explore it. Visitors to Wyoming take and tag more pix of Yellowstone National Park, home to wolves, buffalo, hot springs, and geysers, than any other place in the state.

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We’d enjoyed some of the most relaxing, family-friendly vacations in Virginia Beach, a most-Instagrammed place that not only offers perfect stretches of sand and boardwalk fun but also living history a short drive away at Colonial Williamsburg.

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