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Bacteria be gone SteriPen's AdventurerOpti zaps 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that cause waterborne illnesses. It's the company's lightest model yet., $99.
Courtesy SteriPen
Max out your allowance Balanzza's new Mini luggage scale is shaped like a handle, with a strap that hooks to your belongings added on, so it's compact enough to take anywhere. It will pay for itself the first time you avert an overweight baggage fee., $25, debuts in August.
Courtesy Balanzza
Everything in its right place Instead of having one cavernous compartment that swallows your stuff whole, Ivar's day packs use semirigid dividers to redistribute the weight. Save your back!, from $85.
Courtesy Ivar
Seeing is believing The one-of-a-kind, wide-angle lens on Liquid Image's new Scuba Series HD Wide Angle video mask captures high-def video and also takes five-megapixel stills., $350, available in late June.
Courtesy Liquid Image
Know where you go Panasonic brings built-in GPS to its vaunted line of Leica-lensed cameras in the Lumix ZS7, which geotags each photo and video with precisely where it was taken., $400.
Courtesy Panasonic
Luggage locator Press a button, and when you step within 90 feet of your bag, the Easy 2 Pick electronic luggage tag will alert you wirelessly., $25.
Courtesy Naftali
Cut the cord(s) Powermat's Portable Mat wireless charging station allows you to charge devices such as your phone, MP3 player, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Bluetooth headset without their adapters., $100.
Courtesy Powermat
Airtight solution Finally, a reliable way to transport liquids while flying: The VinniBag has inflatable air chambers that protect wine bottles and other delicate souvenirs against bumps and bangs., $29.
Courtesy VinniBag
Loads of laughs The Comic Tote from eco-conscious, lively design house Make Love Not Trash is the perfect size (16 x 13.5 x 6.5 inches) to shoulder all your magazines, snacks, and other belongings., $38.
Courtesy Make Love Not Trash
Fly to the music Sennheiser's CX 680 earbuds are tough, with Kevlar woven into the cords. Unique soft-rubber fins secure the earbuds in place, keeping them from falling out. Volume control is built into the cord., $90.
Courtesy Sennheiser

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