Pack with Panache

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All the airlines have cut back on weight allowances--if you check more than 50 pounds in a bag, you'll have to pay a fee. Here's a great way to pack light: Pick two colors to mix and match throughout your trip. You'll cut down on luggage, and you won't have to bring as many shoes. (Photo: Aimee Herring)
In addition to saving precious space, rolling wrinkles most clothes less than folding, because it minimizes creasing. It works especially well for items such as jeans, T-shirts, and workout gear. (Photo: Aimee Herring)
Put shoes inside those plastic bags that your newspapers are delivered in. They're sturdy, just the right shape (long and thin), and you can throw the bags away at the end of the trip. (Photo: Aimee Herring)
Household items like film canisters, contact lens cases, and soap dishes can be used to hold small doses of over-the-counter medications and jewelry. (Photo: Aimee Herring)
Another sneaky way to avoid extra baggage fees: Slip a small collapsible bag into a side pocket of your suitcase. If you exceed the luggage weight limit at the airport, pull out the extra bag, fill it with some heavier items from the suitcase, and check both bags. (Photo: Aimee Herring)

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