Photos: 10 of Our Favorite Girlfriend Getaways

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The busy beach of Santa Monica seen from the pier. Check out our Los Angeles city page to find articles, booking information, and hotel reviews in the area.
"My favorite girlfriend getaway is camping in New Hampshire. I love sharing every aspect of the trip with my friends, from setting up the tent and making meals, to hiking through the woods and drinking by the campfire. There is something about camping that allows you to get very silly, and act like a kid again." —Madeline Grimes, Editorial Intern. Above, Mount Washington.
NHDTTD/Henning Vahlenkamp
"Between the many spas, yoga centers, funky boutiques, and unbelievable restaurants to go wine and dine, I think Boulder, Colorado is my favorite girlfriend getaway! I loved taking long walks with a friend through the neighborhoods to look at quaint houses and homes built into the mountains (insanely cool)." —Gabrielle Zunde, Editorial intern.
Charleston has so many interesting colorful homes and quaint side streets. It is a definitely a walking town.  Spring is the time to visit with all the plants and flowers starting to bloom, especially the Azealeas.  The colors are fantastic.  Lots of history.
This church is perched within the red rock mountains of Sedona.  The chapel is very quaint and tranquil, just right for a brief stop to say a prayer or two.  Also, look around to see if you can find the eagle's head that is carved within the red rocks.
A view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.
Breakfast on a porch in a traditional style building in Savannah.
Savannah Area CVB
"I have had awesome girlfriend getaways with my sister in L.A.—it’s a fun excuse to drive around in cars, sing along with cheesy radio, shop shop shop, and generally be at the polar opposite lifestyle spectrum from NYC for a little bit." —Valerie Rains, Features Editor. Above, the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California.
A campground in New Hampshire.
Hiking in the mountains above Boulder. What are your favorite girlfriend getaway spots? Are you planning one now? Let us know!
"I’m going to Las Vegas at the end of March! My girlfriend pointed out that Vegas boasts great weather, good shopping, and fantastic shows, not to mention an abundance of incredible deals. I was sold–and we scored a 5-star suite for $112/night!" —Lisa Schneider, General Manager, Digital Products
"I’d love to take a girlfriend getaway to Sonoma wine country. I went once for work and have always wanted to return again with friends—the landscape is beyond beautiful, the wines and food are amazing, and it’s more affordable than Napa." —Andrea Minarcek, Senior Associate Editor
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"The women in my family are planning a trip to Las Vegas—or, as we call it, Disneyland for grownups. My sister spearheaded the plan after she went to the new Cosmopolitan hotel for a bachelorette party—she said it’s the perfect place for a fun girls’ weekend." —Rachel Mosely, Editorial Assistant
"My favorite girlfriend getaway was to Sedona, Arizona. It's about a two-hour scenic drive from Phoenix. I went with three friends for a short day trip where we ate lunch on a patio overlooking the famous red rocks, browsed many of the local art galleries, and to top it off we all got our fortunes told." —Sarah Mascoff, Sales Assistant
"I have a couple of girlfriends in California, so I’m planning a road trip up the coast. I’m starting with a friend in San Diego and will be stopping to pick up friends in Big Sur, Monterey and San Francisco. We’re going to drive all the way to the Redwood Forest!" —Laura Michonski, Deputy Online Editor. Above, Big Sur, California.
"My aunt took me to Savannah on my first girlfriend getaway, and I've been wanting to get back to the genteel south ever since. I'd like to wander historic neighborhoods in Charleston, South Carolina with my mom and sisters—stopping for tea and to browse for vintage clothes." —Kate Appleton, Senior Editor Online. Above, a horse-carriage ride goes around Charleston.
The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River in the U.S. state of Arizona. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park. Interested? Here's how to road trip Arizona.
"I went to Savannah, Georgia, with my sister and mother. Hop on the free CAT shuttle and take a ride to Forsyth Park for the best view in the city, then end the day with some nightlife by the river or with a ghost tour through the supposedly haunted parts of town." —Kaeli Conforti, Online Editorial Intern. Above, the walkway in Forsyth Park in Savannah.
"My sister recently got engaged, and my mom and I want to take her on a girls-only trip to the Grand Canyon because, amazingly, none of us have ever been and we want to experience it together before she gets married." —Laura Buckley, Editorial Assistant Online. Above, the start of a sunset at Grand Canyon from Hopi Point.

The female staffers here choose our favorite girlfriend getaway spots and dream destinations we're currently planning. Here, a photo tour of our past and future girls-only trips.

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