Ahh! Take a Dip in One of These Gorgeous Hot Springs!

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The waters at the Szechenyi Bath in Budapest, Hungary are rich in minerals said to sooth aching joints.
Courtesy GOC53/Flickr
The sprawling Szechenyi Bath complex includes both indoor and outdoor pools, heated to varying degrees.
Peter Erik Forsberg / age fotostock / SuperStock
The ornate buildings at the Szechenyi Bath were constructed in 1913.
Courtesy Elin B/Flickr
The Banff Upper Hot Springs are located right in Alberta National Park and have sweeping views of the Rockies.
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The pools at Banff Upper Hot Springs can be as warm as 104 degrees, even during the snowy Canadian winter.
Stephen Saks Photography / Alamy
Buildings at Colorado's Dunton Hot Springs were part of a homestead built by ore miners back in the 1880s.
Courtesy Dunton Hot Springs
After spending the day soaking in the tubs, enjoy a book from the library at Dunton Hot Springs.
Courtesy Dunton Hot Springs
The steaming waters at Dunton Hot Springs have calcium bicarbonate, which is said to improve circulation.
Courtesy Dunton Hot Springs
Dunton Hot Springs was deserted until 1994, when the whole town was turned into an upscale resort.
Courtesy Dunton Hot Springs
Iceland's Blue Lagoon holds 1.5 million gallons of sea- and freshwater infused with silica, minerals, and microorganisms.
Courtesy Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon complex is open until 9 p.m. in the summer, when you can soak in the moonlight.
The rooftop pool at England's Thermae Bath Complex has views of the picturesque town including the historic abbey.
Courtesy Thermae Bath
The Thermae Bath Complex is right in the center of town and includes historic as well as modern buildings.
Courtesy Thermae Bath
Waters at the Thermae Bath Complex can be as warm as 117 degrees and include 42 different types of minerals.
Courtesy Thermae Bath
Underground lava fissures heat the waters in Jordan's Ma'In Hot Springs, and the thermal waterfalls are perfect for a natural deep-tissue massage.
Herbert Ypma
Traveling to relax in the waters of the Ma'In Hot Springs dates back to the days of King Herod.
Courtesy Visit Jordan
Cascate del Mulino, in Saturnia, Italy, includes a series of thermal waterfalls that cascade into natural pools.
Courtesy Cascate del Mulino
Romans are said to have built the world's first public bathhouse for the hot springs around Cascate del Mulino.
Courtesy Cascate del Mulino
Samurai traveled to Kusatsu, Japan back in the 1600s to heal wounds in the powerful waters full of sulfur and minerals. Today there are several public bathhouses in Sainokawara Park.
San Miguel de Allende is home to some of the most popular—and prettiest—balnearios in Mexico.
Craig Lovell / Eagle Visions Photography / Alamy
The geothermal activity around Arenal Hot Springs in Costa Rica heats the waters and infuses them with healing minerals.
Courtesy Tabacon Grand Spa
Jungle views and waterfalls are hallmarks of Arenal Hot Springs.
Courtesy Tabacon Grand Spa
The circa-1922 Quapaw Baths in Hot Springs, Arkansas have a full-service spa as well as private mineral baths.
Courtesy Quapaw Baths
The best time to visit the hot springs in Yambajan, Tibet is in the early morning, when steam rising off the pools seems to melt into the snow-capped mountains.
The evocative names of the springs in Yambajan, Tibet include Bread-Steaming Hot Spring, Vinegar Boiling Spring, and Fish-Cooking River.

Before the days of high-tech spa treatments, wellness seekers headed for the hot springs—and modern-day soakers can, too. From an ancient pool near the Dead Sea to the picturesque American West, join us on a world tour of the most stunning spots to take a dip.

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