You'll Never Forget These Images of the "Golden Hour" Around the World

Sunset, Tower Bridge, London, EnglandBegan, MyanmarBled Castle, SloveniaMidnight Sun, Northern IcelandLofoten Islands, Arctic NorwayHong Kong from Victoria PeakSouthern IcelandMostar in BosniaLava fields, Snaefellsnes Peninsula in IcelandThousands of birds next on the cliff faces, Western IcelandMaha Wizaya, Yangon, Myanmarkarst hills of Yangshuo in Southern China
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 Stunning sunset behind Tower Bridge, one of the most iconic locations in London.
The sun's rays burst through the clouds over the temple-dotted plains of Bagan in Myanmar. There are over 2,000 temples and pagodas in this region.
A misty sunrise at Lake Bled in Slovenia. Bled Castle sits atop the cliff as the sun bathes the mountains in its morning light. 
This is what midnight looks like in Northern Iceland during the summer months. They don't call it the Midnight Sun for nothing!
The rugged Lofoten islands in Arctic Norway. Water and wind have formed some amazing patterns in the sand on this beach at sunrise.
A soft pink sunset over Hong Kong, in stark contrast to the night-time scenes often shot from here at Victoria Peak.
The coast of Southern Iceland as the sun rises over the lupines that cover the hills of Vík.
Possibly one of the most picturesque European towns, Mostar in Bosnia. This is a truly iconic bridge, rebuilt using original material after it was destroyed during the war.
Lava fields are an unusual sight, and are made even more stunning by a coating of fresh snow. This one is on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in Iceland.
Thousands of birds nest on the cliff faces as the sun sets over Western Iceland.
 One of the lesser-known pagodas in Yangon, Maha Wizaya is still a hidden gem in this major Myanmar city.
A man cycles off into the sunset through the hills of Yangshuo in Southern China

It may be the most beautiful time of day: The "golden hour" just after dawn and just before sunset, when the light turns, well, y'know... Here, some of our fave photos captured by a photographer (and Instagrammer!) who's shot in 50 countries and is determined to shoot in every nation on the planet!

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