Photos: New England's "Other" Capes

Cape AnnLobstersRocky Neckwhoopie piesBlue Shutters InnLighthouse
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Cape Ann, Mass., has been home to bustling fishing ports since the 17th century.
Berthold Steinhilber / Laif / Redux Pictures
The Lobster Shack's main attraction.
Herb Swanson / The New York Times / Redux Pictures
Rocky Neck, home to a thriving art scene.
E.J. Lefavour / Khan Studio
Iconic New England whoopie pies.
Lynn.Gardner / Flickr
Gloucester's iconic blue shutters.
Courtesy Blue Shutters Inn
Cape Neddick's "Nubble" lighthouse has shone a distinctive red light since 1879.

Take a tour of the spectacular spits of land jutting out into the Atlantic north of Boston.

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