How to Protect Your Most Valuable Gadgets

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FOR IPADS: If it can withstand a 1,300-foot drop or a fast-pitch baseball hit, the G-Form Extreme Portfolio can surely buffer your tablet against butter-fingered bellhops. The key to the 1.25-pound sleeve's strength: a top-secret, patent-pending foam that stiffens on impact. shop., $90.
Courtesy G-Form
FOR CAMERAS: High-end photo gear is often the most delicate—and pricey—stuff in a traveler's bag. Enter CaseCrown's 12-ounce ripstop nylon DSLR Protective Carry Case. It's plenty rugged, but it has a softer side—the padded, felt lined interior safeguards camera and lenses alike., $28.
Courtesy CaseCrown
FOR KINDLES: Thanks to its glare-resistant screen, Kindle has become the go-to e-reader for such sunny (and splash-prone) sports as beaches and pools. Trendy Digital's five-ounce WaterGuard Plus Waterproof Case seals the device against moisture, without putting a damper on its crisp display., $20.
Courtesy Trendy Digital
FOR IPHONES: With it's double-layered design—squishy silicone on the inside, durable polycarbonate on the outside—CaseMate's TANK is a heavy-duty shock absorber that doesn't add much weight (1.6 ounces). Bonus: Its sliding front shield protects iPhone's oft-shattered screen., $60.
Courtesy Case-Mate
FOR LAPTOPS: Leave it to a pilot to fine-tune the carry-on bag for the digial age. Think gadget pockets galore, a sturdy interior frame, reinforced corners, and a 1.5-inch layer of high-density foam throughout—all built into the six-pound Pro Flight Bag from Brenhaven., $200.
Courtesy Brenthaven
FOR EVERYTHING ELSE: Consider it your very own yellow submarine. The 13-ounce OtterBox 2500 Series is airtight, waterproof up to 100 feet, and tough enough to emerge from any overhead-bin turf war unscathed. At nearly 7" x 5" x 4", it can provide safe haven for iPods, digital camcorders and more., $20.
Courtesy Otter Box
Courtesy Trendy Digital

These extra-tough cases fortify your gadgets for life on the road, the tarmac, and the lido deck.

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