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Courtesy All Nippon Airways Ltd. Co.
Courtesy All Nippon Airways Ltd. Co.
"In case you didn't know…directions posted on the bathroom wall at a Shinto temple in Kyoto."
"An early-morning image of Mount Fuji."
"Gifu City."
"Temple at Miyajima."
"Sumo wrestlers in Tokyo. My students and I stayed in Ryogoku, an area of Tokyo known for its sumo wrestlers. We saw these guys outside of our hotel doing their morning workout."
"Illumination at the Arashiyama temple. I will never, ever forget Japan, and not just because I spent more on memory cards for my camera than on hotel rooms."
"I attended the 65th anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing in Japan recently. This gentleman was standing directly in front of the hypocenter monument wearing a survivor button. The emotion of the place and time was palpable in the air."
"Hiroshima Castle during cherry blossom season."
"While out on the town on a very rainy Tokyo night, I saw these young Japanese girls in traditional dress walking though the streets. I loved the look of their colorful outfits with matching umbrellas against the wet streets of Tokyo."
"Taken in Kyoto, from Kiyomizudera, December 2008."
"Juhyo—the 'snow monsters' of northern Japan, in Yamagata Prefecture. On the mountain ridges were thousands of trees that looked like white giants. This was truly one of the most magical trips I've ever taken."
"A sumo wrestler."
"A bridge on the canal in Omihachiman. This is the immediate afterglow of sunset, a beautiful time for cityscapes and landscapes."
"The torii at Miyajima. As the tide recedes, people play at the base of the magnificent red gate."
"Japanese schoolgirls."
"Lanterns in Osaka."
"Mount Takahata, Kanagawa Prefecture."
"Japanese giant Buddha, Kamakura Daibutsu. Japan's giant Buddha was constructed in the year 1252 and weighs approximately 95 tons."
"Osaka at night, June 2008."
"I met this lovely geisha at the train station in Kyoto."
"Fushimi Inari Shrine."
"While wandering through Kyoto, I was mesmerized by the millions of cherry blossoms. When the wind would blow, the delicate flowers fell from their branches, covering the earth like a blanket of pink snow."
"Monks in Japan."

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