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"Caution! Watch out for winos in Nairobi, Kenya."
"I visited the safari park outside of Jakarta when I was in Indonesia. It is a unique experience because you can drive through the park in your own vehicle with the windows down! (The animals are used to the cars, people and cameras.) The only place you can't is where the big cats live, and this sign states why very clearly."
"A sign outside of Boulder Beach in South Africa."
"Japan is known for its beautiful gardens…thus, a Kyoto display of its VIP moss!"
"One of my favorite things is seeing different signs where ever I go. Here in Sydney, Australia, is a sign to alert you to foot traffic."
"This sign from Cinque Terre, Italy, gives interesting instructions for operating the toilet."
"Cyclists, beware of tracks in Portland, Ore."
"This is a sign outside Taylor's Grocery Restaurant near Oxford, MS. There is usually a wait, but everyone brings coolers and tailgates in the parking lot while they're waiting on their table. You'll see folks playing cards and drinking cocktails."
"I noticed that only tourists were sitting in the area marked for no sitting. A couple of the ladies were speaking English, but I guess they couldn't read English!"
"Noticeable butts."
"Direction signs in the Florida Keys."
"Old signs in Bluff, Utah."
"After having a few pints in Dublin, many Americans have probably forgotten to 'Look Right' before crossing the street. I'm guessing that after too many of these encounters, Dubliners finally decided to paint 'Look Right' on the streets. I know it helped me from getting killed a few times!"
"What more could you possibly need on a road trip through Arizona?"
"Lobster Lane in Maine."
"A wonderland of deep-fried-anything for sale at the Indiana State Fair."
"One of Green River, Utah's many retro signs."
"The streets of Rome."
"Neon lights at night in Hong Kong."
"A warning sign at Passion Island in Cozumel, Mexico."
"Orthodox hats near near Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem."
"An iconic Paris metro sign."
"In India, there's a pecking order among modes of transport with everyone sharing the same limited street space, and all use their horns to get others to move over. Mumbai has numerous public service signs like this one. My drivers thought the signs were a success and claimed 'It's much better this year than it was last year.' I can't imagine!"
"A 'guns unloaded' sign outside a liquor store in Schulenburg, Texas."
"While my sister-in-law and I were admiring the beauty of Rome and the Vatican, I noticed my husband and his brother laughing and taking a photo. There they were cracking up at this sign, saying something about "no one-legged women are allowed in the Vatican." They laughed about that forever. Men!"
"A typical business sign from the Middle Ages, when relatively few people could read but would recognize signs of a particular business or trade. This one is for a hotel in Rothenburg ob der Taub, Germany."
"This compelling sign is visible when entering or departing Ushuaia, Argentina by boat. Ushuaia is located at the bottom of South America and is the jumping off point for trips to Antarctica."

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