Readers' Best U.S. Landscape Photos

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Monument Valley sandstorm.
Courtesy Michael Biggs
Big Sur coastline.
Blue Ridge Parkway in Blowing Rock, N.C.
Provincetown, Mass., on Cape Cod.
Convict Lake and Mount Laurel (Sierra Nevada mountain range).
Courtesy Kathy & Ray Anderson
Scenic Alaska.
Courtesy Lynn Farrell
Alaskan glacier.
Black-sand beach in Hawaii.
An abandoned farm on a dirt road as seen somewhere in the Midwest from a moving Amtrak train.
Courtesy Beth Conant
Mono Lake, with California's Sierra Nevada mountain range in the background.
Courtesy Kathy & Ray Anderson
Joshua Tree National Park, Calif.
Courtesy Bonnie Megathlin
Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Hawaiian Islands.
Courtesy Suzanne Walker
Mackinac Bridge, Mich.
Courtesy Steve McCornack
The Wave.
Highlands Ranch, Colo.
Courtesy Ray Berman
Alum Creek in the Hayden Valley at Yellowstone.
Leaving Zion.

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