32 Spectacular Photos of Winter Wonderlands

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"A fairy-tale castle in Germany."
"Snow-capped mountains seen while on an Alaska cruise."
"On a windy winter day we encountered an exquisite snowdrift in a White Mountain forest in Arizona."
"A recent snowstorm in Middlebury, Vermont, covered the bittersweet vines with a dusting of wet snow."
"This photo was taken just as sunset light was breaking through the clouds of a passing snow squall. The location is Shelburne, Massachusetts, a lovely rural community in the Berkshires."
"A winter scene of ice on the Great Salt Lake in Utah."
"Along the Columbia River in Oregon."
"Snow dancing on tulips. It was still snowing in Middlebury, Vt., on April 27, but it didn't seem to bother these flowers."
"I took this photo of the Grand Tetons from the Buffalo Valley area north of Jackson Hole, Wyo. It was a bitter cold morning and the light sparkling off the ice crystals was incredible. This is a beautiful ranch in the valley, and I have taken many photos of it through the years, but this is my favorite photo of all."
"Our winter hike to The Wave in northern Arizona."
"A New York City subway entrance at 57th St. and Seventh Ave. by Central Park."
"Upsala Glacier, Patagonia."
"The night before our annual Christmas tree cutting excursion, Mother Nature blanketed the forest with a fresh snowfall."
"The long and dramatic shadows of an afternoon in a Maine winter."
"Russian Christmas tree."
"Oregon in the winter."
"The Tunnel of Peace in Brevard, N.C."
"Clouds create passing shadows in this shot taken from the Grand Canyon's South Rim after a February snowfall."
"A beautiful sunrise out the front door of the house I grew up in on Sebascodegan Island, Harpswell, Maine."
"This photo was taken on December 19, 2009, the day of a huge snowstorm. If you look carefully, you can see the U.S. Capitol."
"The town of Cloverdale is situated close to mountains in northern California, where it snowed in 2008. This photo is of an extremely rare snowy winter scene on the road between Arcata and Willow Creek!"
"The Swiss Alps are some of the most amazing terrain in the world."
"Snow on the ground and cold temperatures just add to the feel of winter in this black and white shot taken in Bratislava, Slovakia."
"Polar bear mother and her cubs huddled for warmth in Hudson Bay, Canada."
"I saw this little church sitting at the base of the German Alps, near Füssen."
"Two red cardinals in Northeastern Ohio."
"Winter on the beach in Saugatuck, Mich."
"Madeline Island in winter."
"Yes, Lake Superior freezes. Many people are surprised to find this out, but in the winter the lake does partially freeze over and the harbor is closed. This photo was taken at the Canal Park entrance to the harbor, Duluth, Minn., in February 2010."
"'Is this my good side?' A seal in New Zealand."

There's just something about freshly fallen snow—how it makes everything so peaceful. Here are your best shots of winter landscapes, from a sunrise over snowy Lake Tahoe to a fairy-tale castle in Germany.

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