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"If your pet is traveling in cargo, the airline will probably zip-tie the crate closed, so pack a small pair of scissors in your checked bag to cut it open after arrival." —Marisa Paska and her Staffordshire terrier, Zoe, who relocated to Costa Rica.
Courtesy Marisa Paska
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"Hawaii mandates a quarantine of up to five days for new dogs, but we did all our paperwork in advanace ( and were cleared at the Honolulu airport in only 10 minutes." —Leslie Spangler and her Pomeranian, Sophie, who moved to Hawaii.
Courtesy Leslie Spangler
"Tap water differs from state to state, and both our little guys have gotten sick. We now know to give them bottled water on the road. So far, so good!" —Elena Turner and her shih tzu, Beamish, and papillon, Raffles, who drove from Texas to Colorado.
Courtesy Elena Turner
"A zipped carrier is no match for a stubborn cat. Ours was bored on the plane, so he let himself out and strutted all over! We found him in first class. Better food, more legroom." —Kris Hendrickson and her cat, Cicero, who flew from Paris to San Francisco.
Courtesy Kris Hendrickson
"Who knew Pepto-Bismol works for dogs too? To avoid accidents in the car, ask your vet which over-the-counter medicines are safe for pets." —Forrest Schroeder-Einwille and his Australian cattle dog, Hazel, who road-tripped from Seattle to L.A.
Courtesy Forrest Schroeder-Einwiller
"Emmett loves to run in the waves, but he winds up drinking a lot of water! Limit your pet's swim time, unless you want to take a lot of doggy bathroom breaks." —Emily Newberry and Jason Bias, who take their German shepherd mix to the Great Lakes.
Courtesy Emily Newberry and Jason Bias

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