Slide Show: When Art and Life Collide

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"'I think that's Selarón,' said my brother-in-law about a man at the Selarón Staircase in Rio. I scoffed because he hadn't previously even heard of the Chilean artist. We said hello—it was Selarón! We talked for an hour and bought paintings. 'I'm so embarrassed,' said our friend Jane as we left. 'I framed the first photo I took so the scruffy guy wouldn't be in it!'" Mary Sienko, Minneapolis, Minn.
"My husband and I were strolling along in Barcelona when we spotted a metal sculpture of Bart Simpson. I noticed a copper coin next to an empty can on the pavement. Having never seen a euro, I picked it up. Suddenly, onlookers were shouting in Spanish and the "metal" cyclists erupted from their bikes. It was our first experience with living sculptures." Lois Newlove, Bellevue, Wash.
"My sister and I were at the sculpture museum in Middelheim Park, in Antwerp, Belgium, when I commented that all the sculptures had the same title and artist—after all, the text was identical from statue to statue. My sister kindly translated it for me: Do not walk on the grass." Phyllis Walker, Pinecrest, Fla.
"Traversing the Irish countryside, my friends and I came across many great photo ops, including a large mosquito sculpture on the front lawn of a quaint cottage. I was posing with the menacing insect when I looked over to find several people peering out the window, photographing what they must've thought was a very strange American." Casey O'Connell, Pensacola, Fla.
"I was standing by the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, when I noticed a man with a sketch pad staring in my direction. He was drawing me, so I took out my sketchbook and started to draw him. People gathered around him, and it soon became apparent that he was the true artist. We shared a few laughs and our drawings, and I went on my way." Adam Tennen, Scottsdale, Ariz.
"We went to visit Copenhagen's Little Mermaid sculpture, but she had been blown up the night before we arrived. I bought a souvenir sculpture from a kiosk and shot a picture of it on the rock. The replica was unsatisfying, so I scrambled onto the rock and posed—everyone, including people on tour boats passing by, laughed and applauded." Scott Ashkenaz, Palo Alto, Calif.
"My girlfriend and I got lost while hiking on Mexico's Baja California peninsula. 'Christ!' I said to myself. 'Where's the car?' Reaching the top of the hill, we were amazed to behold a sight that made my earlier exclamation eerily prophetic—a giant statue of Jesus. And his right hand was pointing directly to our car." Gene Pembroke, Lester, Pa.
"At a B&B in Killinick, Ireland, my father decided to walk around the gardens. I followed and could see him standing in front of a statue. As I approached, he bent over to have a look, and I grabbed my camera as he reached out for further inspection. The caption in my photo album reads, 'Touch that again, old man, and you'll find out why I'm frowning.'" Linda Coates, Colorado Springs, Colo.

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