Stewardess: Come Fly With Me!

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Early stewardesses wore military-style uniforms (Photo: From the collection of Mary Daniel)
Airlines catered to passengers with cocktails and dishes such as fresh Iranian caviar, lamb-rib roast, and banana splits (Photo: From the collection of Mary Daniel)
Stewardesses were bound to strict rules--girdles and heels on every flight; height, weight, and makeup restrictions; mandatory retirement by age 32; and termination upon marriage (Photo: From the collection of Mary Daniel)
In the 1960s, uniforms went from crisp and tailored to sassy and revealing (Photo: © Ken Jensen)
Stewardesses went from being professional career girls to sex symbols (Photo: From the collection of Chris Laborde)
Racy ads followed suit (Photo: From the collection of Suzanne Crawford Johnson)
Many national airlines made over their uniforms to reflect cultural heritage (Photo: From the collection of Bjorn Larsson)
'If you have used any carry-on articles during the flight, please be sure they are properly stowed for landing. Thank you for flying with us!' (Photo: From the collection of Mary Daniel)

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