The Weirdest Travel Gear

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The Dualbrella, for couples who are more "dry-clean only" than "wash 'n' wear.
Courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer
1008_StrangeTravelProducts launcher image
Yep, you still have to wear clothes underneath.
Courtesy Slanket
With 141 different functions on the Giant Knife, we wonder which ones didn't make the cut.
Courtesy Wenger
Does this GasBGon "Tush Down" flatulence cushion smell like team spirit?
Courtesy Dairiair
Renaissance Bidets says its travel bidet makes a "perfect gift." We're not so sure about that.
Does this Rest Easy bedbug spray have the whiff of paranoia—or common sense?
Courtesy RMB Group
The BananaBunker gets put to work.
Courtesy Cultured Containers
As BT staffer Nick DeRenzo demonstrates, you can also use the pocket on the BeltzBib for stashing fries.
Michael Mohr

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