The Weirdest Travel Gear

The Dualbrella, for couples who are more "dry-clean only" than "wash 'n' wear.
— Courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer
1008_StrangeTravelProducts launcher image
Yep, you still have to wear clothes underneath.
— Courtesy Slanket
With 141 different functions on the Giant Knife, we wonder which ones didn't make the cut.
— Courtesy Wenger
Does this GasBGon "Tush Down" flatulence cushion smell like team spirit?
— Courtesy Dairiair
Renaissance Bidets says its travel bidet makes a "perfect gift." We're not so sure about that.
— Courtesy
Does this Rest Easy bedbug spray have the whiff of paranoia—or common sense?
— Courtesy RMB Group
The BananaBunker gets put to work.
— Courtesy Cultured Containers
As BT staffer Nick DeRenzo demonstrates, you can also use the pocket on the BeltzBib for stashing fries.
— Michael Mohr

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