Tourist Traps You Love

Mardi Gras World "I took my brother there during his recent visit, and we had more fun than two adults should—playing dress up in the costumes then taking photos beside our favorite floats. We laughed like we were kids!"—Melissa Combs
— Courtesy Mardi Gras World
Cliff House "The Cliff House is great! Actually, not so much the actual house, but…there's a walk-in camera obscura!" —Sarah Blanke
— Courtesy Cliff House
Fort Mackinac and Mackinac Island "Mackinac Island is a total tourist trap, and I love it. Renting a bike and riding around the island. Touring the fort and watching the guides fire the cannon. And, of course, buying fudge." —Carol Feider
— Courtesy Mackinac State Historic Parks
Wall Drug Store "It's so campy and nostalgic, it just makes us laugh. Reading the billboards all across the state is still the most interesting thing about the drive to the Black Hills." —Corie Lindemann
— Courtesy Wall Drug Store
Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede "Pigeon Forge, Tenn., is absolute fun and enjoyment. Lots of shows: breakfast shows, lunch shows, dinner shows…. Plenty to keep you and your family entertained. Don't miss the Dixie Stampede show." —Carl Wisnesky
— Courtesy Dolly Parton\'s Dixie Stampede
Hoover Dam "It's really a fascinating tour, and the enormity of the structure is awesome. Plus the souvenir T-shirts are great: 'I went on the dam tour at Hoover Dam.'" —Sally Ridenour
— Courtesy U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Sunset Celebration "The sunsets are always something special to watch, but the fun is in watching the street performers as well as their audiences, who both entertain while you wait." —Patti Porco
— Courtesy Bob Krist/Florida Keys News Bureau

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