True Stories: Romance Edition

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On a trip to England without her boyfriend, Sarah devised a special way to show Adam he was on her mind. They're now married (and for the honeymoon went to Italy).
Lori's husband re-proposed in a gondola in Venice, giving her a beautiful new diamond ring. How romantic--especially when the gondolier got a cell phone call, and the ringtone was a Barbie song!
Angel met a pretty Chinese woman while vacationing in Guilin, China. A day spent together, with her practicing her English, turned into ongoing e-mails, phone calls, webcam conversations--and then, love!
When Lee and her husband got married, they decided on a honeymoon registry for their dream trip to New Zealand. To thank family and friends, each note included a personalized photograph of them in front of the gift, grinning from ear to ear!
While vacationing in Riomaggiore, Italy, Michael and his fiancée spontaneously decided to get married there. They delivered a letter to the mayor, who married them later that week as local romantics shouted congratulations from the balcony above.
During their honeymoon in Italy, Annie and her husband were in Positano when thousands of paper hearts fell from the sky. A small plane was responsible, and the message reads, "God has granted that the only way to success is through love.
A Parisian girl laughed when Cassie's boyfriend, Mike, asked if she would take the couple's picture. He explained later that he had told her he was going to propose marriage to "ma petite fille" (my little daughter).
Six weeks before their 30th anniversary, Shari's husband sent her a silk floral arrangement--set in a boat and adorned with British coasters and teas. His anniversary gift: a trip to London and a six-day Trans-Atlantic cruise aboard the QE2.

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